$5 Spinning

Sunday night at 6:00pm in our Okemos studio! Spinning is a great cardio workout to work on speed or build endurance. At Yoga State, we combine a variety of music styles, tempos, resistance settings, and choreography to give you a full body workout and to challenge your muscles in a variety of ways. No prior indoor cycling experience needed!  The instructor will assist new students in proper bike set-up, class structure, and appropriate modifications for the class. Bring your water and sweat towel and come prepared to sweat! Bike pedals work with regular gym shoes or SPD shoes. Spots are available on a first come, first served basis, the studio opens at 5:30pm. No advanced sign up available.

Spinning/Group Cycling

Spinning (group cycling) is a great cardio workout to work on speed or build endurance. At Yoga State, we combine a variety of music styles, tempos, resistance settings, and choreography to give you a full body workout and to challenge your muscles in a variety of ways. No prior indoor cycling experience needed!
The instructor will assist new students in proper bike set-up, class structure, and appropriate Modifications for the class. Bring your water and sweat towel and come prepared to sweat! Bike pedals work with regular gym shoes or SPD shoes. Sign up in advance to guarantee a spot, we have 17 bikes, spots are limited.
Cancelation policy is before 9pm for morning classes, or 9am for evening classes. You may be charged a late cancel fee if you cancel outside of these listed times.

30/30 or 45/30 Spinning/group cycling & yoga/stretch

Get sweaty in a rowdy 30 or 45 minute spin class followed by a 30 min slow flow yoga stretching class aimed at taking care of those muscles that are fired up on the bike.  Class consists of foundational poses and generous stretching.  Bring your own yoga mat to transition off the bikes to the yoga room floor. (or we rent mats for $2).


$5 Hot Vinyasa

Sunday night at 7:15 pm in East Lansing and Okemos! Hot Vinyasa flowing yoga class, linking breath and postures. Teacher varies weekly. This class costs $5, or you may use your unlimited package. This class is first come first serve so come to the studio and get your spot! This is a great way to try out a new teacher each week.  Be prepared to be challenged and feel amazing.

Warming Up to Yoga

This Vinyasa styled class is tailored towards individuals starting their yoga journey. The room is cooler than a normal Hot Vinyasa class, however, it is still warm to relax and loosen the muscles. The class will move through a series of warm-up flows and each session will incorporate a challenge pose to keep students growing and learning. Poses are described in great detail while the teacher moves throughout the room giving verbal and hands-on adjustments to guide students into more proper alignment. The class will move at a slower pace, inviting students to explore and unearth the impact of movement with purposeful breath. Although Warming Up to Yoga is fashioned for beginners, more advanced yogis can benefit from a calm and tranquil environment to yoke fundamental breathing and alignment together within their practice.

Light Vinyasa 

This class is designed for those looking for a non-heated, simplified Vinyasa practice. There will be three main yoga flows, all with easy-to-follow transitions through the poses. Just because the flows will be more basic in nature, it does not mean this class will be easy! Simple challenge is the name of the game in this class. This class provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for all students to explore and learn the vast benefits of yoga.

Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa is a challenging heated flow of postures connected with breath. The teacher will start you slow, opening muscles and guiding you with directive cues as well at introducing pose names, teaching alignment and allowing you to hold poses to build a solid foundation. As the teacher builds and repeats the flow the pace will increase. You will be learn the flow by breathing and connecting it to the transition between poses. After the teacher leads the room together several times then you will continue to flow using your breath as your guide. You will build integrity, awareness, listening skills, strength, flexibility, and balance. You will learn to feel less stressed, less anxious, more grateful and satisfied.This style of yoga is exceptionally good for your metabolism and organs. This class is taught using inspiring, fun, upbeat music. Each teacher has their own expression and all levels are welcome.

YS Signature

This Hot Vinyasa Yoga  class is what is most commonly referred to as a "Jen Class." Come to this class prepared to work hard and sweat...a lot. Here is what you can expect at a YS Signature class: Creative and lengthy Vinyasa flows, original and purposeful transitions, careful detail to posture alignment, mental, physical and emotional challenge, and AMAZING breath and energy circulating throughout the room. Get ready to love yourself and how you feel at the end of this class.

Mindful & moderate Yoga

A class that is accessible to all levels focusing on breath and alignment first. Giving focus to micro movements and what the body might be feeling, while providing an atmosphere that is challenging to beginners and moderate to the most seasoned yogis. Composed of fast and slow flows, allowing an awareness of the body, but also of the mind. Giving all students a deeper understanding of themselves, inside and out.

Soft & slow

A class that is accessible to all levels designed to help you completely unwind. Easing into the practice with deep breathing and static floor postures. Moving on to one main flow by doing longer holds in postures, slow and controlled transitions allowing more time to really tune into breath and tap into self-discipline. Ending with some more static postures, empowering you not only to soften muscles in your body but some of the thoughts in your head as well. Class is ended with a 10-15 minute span of Yoga Nidra; A Guided meditation to help detach from the outer world and experience the inner calm that resides with in us all.

Morning Yoga Practice 

This early morning "not so hot" yoga class is structured with an extended period of warm-up postures followed by two sequences that is followed by and extended period of restorative poses.  During this class much oratory is focused on expanding the understanding of the Yamas and Nyamas (Yoga's moral code of conduct.)  As we establish ourselves in the principals of Yoga early in the day, we allow it to guide us through the rest of our day.

slow burn

This class is a full-body moving meditation. Slow, mindful movements allow for detail and introspection while building to a vinyasa breath-based flow. This practice caters to all skill levels providing both challenge and restoration. Taught partly to music at 90 degrees. 

Soul Sweat

This is an all levels hot vinyasa yoga class with a set intention of letting go. Letting go of your stress from the work day, releasing your worries from day-to-day life, and giving your mind a break from all of the anxiety and over-thinking. Come prepared to move quickly, find creativity and expression through flowing to loud music. There will be a warm up flow to awaken the body and set the tone for the class followed by one or two vinyasa flows to create space for vulnerability, gratitude and self-love. The movement will be followed by some grounded poses to really utilize the space you’ve created to get just what you need out of your practice before finding complete relaxation in savasana. This class will bring balance to your day and leave you feeling lighter, loved and strong- a perfect way to gear up for the weekend!

power flow yoga

This New class will take you on a one-hour connected journey of your mind, body and soul. We will create this synergy between your mind and body through powerful movement. This quick yet invigorating class challenges you to explore the rhythms of your breath to keep harmony with your body. Working towards one breath per movement to take you into a peaceful space of moving mediation. Flow begins at 9:15 am but the studio space will be open at 9:00 for you to come in and prepare your mind, body and soul for this cleansing movement.

Core Power Yoga

This class will be tailored to the group of students in the room, but will always include a focus on core.After a slow warm up  expect to focus on alignment, gradually building speed as we move through several flows focusing on all parts of the body. We will end the class with some extended stretches and hip openers before savasana. Come prepared to focus, sweat, and laugh as we balance together. 

stand up paddle board classes

SUP Progressive Series

This class is designed for all level of paddlers and yogis. This class is longer than our other SUP classes and is intended to be taken as a full session as opposed to drop-in, as each class will build on the previous one. The first class is deeply rooted in the foundation of both paddling technique and yoga skills. Subsequent classes will then build from this foundation as you dive deeper into more advanced paddling. The yoga follows the same flow with every practice becoming more detailed with challenge of both breath and movement. All classes end with a relaxing float in savasana.  After class is an open session for questions and trying new poses. 

sunrise SUP Saturday 

This class awakens you with a brisk morning paddle as the sun warms your body, mind and soul. Once you have finished your paddle, you anchor out on the boards for the yoga. Class begins with deep breath work that flows into a slow stretch to restore and rejuvenate. You will then challenge your body with a strong standing sequence.  Class ends with finishing stretches to preparing the body for rest.  As you relax into a meditative float, you will become connected to nature and find a deep peace within your savasana. Listen to the sounds of nature that surround you, feel the waves eb and flow beneath you and just let go. 

Open Paddle and Play

This instructional class begins by teaching you the foundation of paddling on the shore. We detail out the different paddle strokes to keep you controlled and confident when you take your new skills to the water. If you have paddled before you can begin with a refresher or head out on the water to begin our open paddle session with one of our instructors. This format complements all levels of paddlers. Once all paddlers are on the water, we will paddle together for a bit and then the second half of the class will be a yoga play! During the yoga play we will explore different postures on the board, how they differ on the water versus land, and just enjoy exploring yoga on the water. This class is fun and the format gives our student an opportunity to ask questions, feel comfortable on the board and take your paddling or yoga to the next level. 

-All level yogis and paddlers welcome. 



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