About YS Spinning

Spinning classes are group cycling classes that offer a non-impact workout to effectively build cardiovascular strength and endurance. From the instructors to the music to the constant change in lighting, our spin classes never seem to have a dull moment. You'll get a full body workout while you're lost in the moment to killer music! Depending on your intensity, you can burn anywhere from 400-600 calories in our interval based classes designed to help you reach your fitness goals!


Can I come if I've never been to a spin class before? 

Yes please! The classes are designed for all levels and offer a challenging opportunity to get your heart pumping, burn serious calories and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. Our teachers are well trained to teach to all levels and share an amazing ride experience with you weather this is your first time or you are a regular spinner!

Do I need to sign up before?

We do suggest signing up for class online using the Yoga State App to ensure you get a bike, some classes fill quickly. Drop ins welcome as well. We have 17 Spinner Pro bikes.

When are the classes?

Click here to see the schedule page on this site for all Spin and Yoga class times/teachers or use the Yoga State App that is free for you to download from the app store for both Apple and Android.

What kind of shoes do I need to wear?

Our bikes have SPD pedals but also have the baskets that work with ordinary sneakers. Please help us protect our bikes and floors and bring clean dry shoes to spin in. We do not permit wet outdoor/salty shoes in the Spin room. Thank you.

Do I need to bring a towel?

You can bring your own or buy one from YS for $1. We have towels to clean the bike after your ride, but please do not use these as sweat towels.

What are your safety tips?

Our program will have you exercising in new ways you never thought possible, so please remember to check that all your bike settings are set tight and correct and that your shoes feel securely clipped to the pedals. Our wonderful instructors are there to encourage you to do your best and are happy to help adjust your bike with you. And don’t forget to stretch and drink lots of water after class!

What is the cancellation policy?

For morning classes cancel before 9 pm the night before, for evening classes by 9 am that day. This allows time for others to sign up and to be added from the wait list.  You will be charged for late cancels or no-shows. Use the YS App for quick sign up, simple cancel and get special offers. Thank you for your consideration! You may be charged a fee if you cancel after the required time period.