Spinning is available at our Okemos studio. You can drop in for a single class, or purchase a package with us!

Bring your sweat towel and water bottle because you're about to get sweaty! Spinning/Group cycling classes offer a great non-impact workout to effectively build cardiovascular strength and endurance. The classes are designed for all levels and offer a challenging opportunity to get your heart pumping, burn serious calories and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and perhaps a desire to be out on the road.  We have 17 Spinner Pro bikes.  We do suggest signing up for class online using the Yoga State App to ensure you get a bike, some classes fill quickly.  If you are not able to attend please cancel by 9pm for the morning class or by 9am for the evening classes, this also saves you from being charged a late cancel fee and allows someone else to get a bike.  Our instructors will show you how to make the adjustments on the bike for your seat and handlebars and also how to adjust the tension so you can make your ride perfect for where you are today!  All levels welcome!  See the schedule tab on this site for all Spin and Yoga class times/teachers or use the Yoga State App.  Come smile and sweat and create Health with us!

Our bikes have SPD pedals but also have the baskets that work with ordinary sneakers. 


Meet the Yoga state cycling teachers

All of our amazing teachers have different personalities and therefore no two classes will be the same. Each teacher will bring their own unique flavor, so we have provided some class descriptions for you to see which one might resonate with you the best. Read the information below to find out more about your YS Cycling Teachers!


scott Foreman:

Saturday: 9:00am Okemos

Happy Place: Anywhere by the water

Wildest Dream: Kona Ironman (Spectator!)

Proudest Moment: Finish line at my first 1/2 Iron race

Teaching Style:  I was a DJ for 20 years in a previous life so you are going to hear some great tunes to get you motivated! Also a half Ironman (3x) finisher and in the top 10 in the 2015 national championship. As a 10 year seasoned fitness instructor I WILL work you, I WILL rock you, I WILL make you sweat! We laugh, we sweat and we might just sing to some great tunes!


Laura king:

Monday: 6pm Okemos

Tuesday: 5:30am Okemos ($5 Spin)

Thursday: 5:30am Okemos ($5 Spin)

Friday:  5:30am Okemos ($5 30 spin/30 yoga)

Happy Place: Hanging out by my pool

Wildest Dream: To jump out of a plane

Proudest Moment: Losing 150 pounds

Teaching Style:  The MiSfIT Dance Party. Cycling to the beat of the music is how I roll. If you like jams from Pitbull, Chainsmokers, Fifth Harmony, Nicki Minaj, and Marshmello then I am your girl. My classes have lots of upper body and core incorporated into them. 


Stephanie fluegeman:

Currently traveling Southeast Asia! Returning in July

Happy Place: In a new city, learning how to navigate around and finding amazing food

Wildest Dream: Solo travel to every country and write about it! (9 out of 195 so far!)

Proudest Moment: Graduating with my Master’s degree in 2015 (GO GREEN!)

Teaching Style:  Let’s work hard together, feel proud of what our bodies can do, and pedal to a mix of EDM, indie dance, and R&B. We’ll go on some long climbs, fast sprints, and have some fun upper body work thrown in. Each class is focused on making YOU feel strong and confident. Top Artists I Play: Drake, Flume, Diplo


denise rabi:

Tuesday: 6:00pm Okemos

Happy Place: Being with my daughters laughing at something stupid, per our norm.

Wildest Dream: To travel wherever I want, whenever I want!

Proudest Moment: When my oldest daughter graduated college.

Teaching Style:  I love to play a lot of Latin rhythm and beat! My class is straight-up cycling, which involves nothing but pedaling (no upper body movements). We will experience climbing hills, rolling hills, sprint intervals, even-level rides and jumps (with a cool-down at the very end). I guarantee a great cardio workout while riding to some fabulous, upbeat music that I’ve listened to all of my life, having grown up in Miami, FL! I have been a certified Schwinn Fitness Indoor Group Cycling Instructor since summer, 2010. I love to be able to put you through a workout where you know that you’ve left your all on that saddle, at the very end. I once read that “Success is not what you accomplish in your life, but what you inspire others to do!” It is my wish to inspire you to reach your cardio goals during your time with me at Yoga State!


erin beck:

Thursday: 5:30pm Okemos

Happy Place: Anywhere on the water

Wildest Dream: Winning the lottery and living on Big Cayman

Proudest Moment: When I took the first step to becoming healthy and becoming a cycling teacher!

Teaching Style:  I fell hard and fast for spinning; I was a student for only a year when I decided to take the leap and become a teacher! I enjoy a fast, high-intensity spin. I like to mix in some upper body to work out those arms just as much as the legs. I play a variety of old and new school music including some classics. I love spinning to electric music such as Skrillex, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta along with some new age of DNCE, Sia, and Kiiara. If you have never taken a spinning class before, I encourage you to try my class and come sweat it out with me!


taylor mueller:

Wednesday: 6:00pm Okemos

Happy Place: Anywhere 80 degrees and above

Wildest Dream: Travel the world for a year!

Proudest Moment: Singing at my graduation ceremony

Teaching Style: My music choices spread all across the genres; EDM, pop, classic rock, country, etc. Always expect quite a few sprints in my class; I love getting as sweaty as possible. I like to add in a little dance element while I'm on that bike, as well as some pushups and other variations to spice up the class. Get ready for an experience that's more than just a spin class!

Enjoy your ride!