Ys 200 hour Vinyasa yoga Teacher Training

January -  April 2017 with Jen Hayes

This is an amazing opportunity to learn alignment, benefit , purpose and sequencing for the physical part of vinyasa yoga.  it is a unique experience to get real and inquisitive with your true self.  To learn about where you are, where you are going, and the limitless possibilities.  Mentally you will strengthen the tools to build determination, confidence, stamina, and self discipline in a positive and empowering way.  emotionally express beyond fear and drama.  Exposing your healthiest core being.

we all have different reasons for our yoga practice, but for most of us we want everyone to know its value and to share it.  Yoga State's 200 hour teacher training gives you the ability to physically and emotionally express these benefits.

if you are considering training, have questions, concerns or ideas, please contact me at 517-282-3922 or email yogastate.el.okemos@gmail.com

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