Authentic. Loving. Sweaty. Local.

  • I love that even after moving across the country, I can still always walk through the door and know that I am home.
    — Ghazala Imran, YS student
  • Yoga State was my first time ever doing hot yoga, and it made me appreciate the practice as not only a meditative process, but as an intense workout that leaves me feeling pure and at peace with my body.
    — Alexandria Harris, Illinois State University student, East Lansing visitor
  • The reason I love YS is because it's yoga for everyBODY. We don't teach to the middle, we connect you to your inner best self!
    — Natalie Hool, East Lansing mom, yoga teacher trainee
  • I actually think of YS as my second home. The energy, the people, the way we practice at YS - it's amazing. Nowhere else is like it. I feel like I'm always laughing or having a yoga high! You can't just find this kind of community or authenticity anywhere.
    — Cole Knight, Michigan State University sophomore, yoga teacher trainee
  • Yoga is a big part of who I am because it allows me to focus on myself and to let go of unneeded stress. It allows me to have a clear mindset and an overall better perspective on life.
    — Adelaida Jepperson, Michigan State junior, YS regular
  • Yoga state has been the essential part of my physical and spiritual growth over the past year.
    — Anthony Laurain, Michigan State graduate, yoga teacher trainee


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High intensity Spinning

We are proud to offer the only drop in-spinning studio in the area. Visit our stunning Okemos studio for a high energy, full body workout to wild fun music. Enjoy your ride!

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Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru

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2017 teacher training with jen Hayes at YS!

Self study leads to all of the good things. Investigate. Get curious. Talk to us about your personal journey. And listen to YS Teacher Kristen talk about her journey.

Karate at Yoga State

YS now proudly offers Karate. Call, email. or visit our class descriptions page for more information. Offered at both East Lansing and Okemos locations.

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run with us and yoga after!

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YS teacher Kari gives a little insight into the studio we run here.

Look inside yoga state

Our premier hot vinyasa yoga and spinning studios have locations in East Lansing and Okemos, MI. More information on our contact page.