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    No matter how far away you move from here...coming back is like being reunited with your family yoga souls.
    — L.Z., YS Student
  • Everything about this studio is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in yoga. Whether you're a beginner taking your first class or a seasoned expert Yoga State has the class and instructor for you.
    — Anthony Smith, YS Student
  • YS Okemos and East Lansing offer amazing classes! The instructors are well trained, and lead challenging, thoughtful classes, and help students grow in a safe environment!
    — Autumn Doody, YS Student
  • Yoga State was my first time ever doing hot yoga, and it made me appreciate the practice as not only a meditative process, but as an intense workout that leaves me feeling pure and at peace with my body.
    — Alexandria Harris, Illinois State University student, East Lansing visitor
  • I would have to say that the workshops offered are phenomenal. After doing a workshop, someone knows you by name and ALWAYS says hello to you, often cheering for you every time you come to the studio!
    — Kellie Clock, YS student
  • I actually think of YS as my second home. The energy, the people, the way we practice at YS - it's amazing. Nowhere else is like it. I feel like I'm always laughing or having a yoga high! You can't just find this kind of community or authenticity anywhere.
    — Cole Knight, Michigan State University sophomore, YS student
  • Yoga is a big part of who I am because it allows me to focus on myself and to let go of unneeded stress. It allows me to have a clear mindset and an overall better perspective on life.
    — Adelaida Jepperson, Michigan State junior, YS student
  • Yoga state has been the essential part of my physical and spiritual growth over the past year.
    — Anthony Laurain, Michigan State graduate, YS student
  • Yoga State is a total escape for me. Jen and her staff make a safe and inviting space to practice in. Be present!
    — Rachel Kern, YS student
  • The staff are exceptional. They take the time to speak to you, get to know you, and use these things to guide you through your practice. I am thankful every single day for Yoga State. 15/10 recommend.
    — Katheryn Sullivan, YS student

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