$5 Spinning: Always Sunday night at 6:00pm in Okemos! A great cardio workout to spice up your mundane routine or build endurance. One class will burn 300-500 calories and does not require any prior indoor cycling experience! The instructor will assist the new participant in proper bike set-up and appropriate modifications for the class. Bring your water and come prepared to sweat! Bikes are available on a first come first serve basis.

Spinning/Group Cycling: Group Cycling is a great cardiovascular workout to spice up your mundane routine or build endurance for outdoor cycling. One class will burn 300-500 calories and does not require any prior indoor cycling experience! The instructor will assist the new participant in proper bike set-up and appropriate modifications for the class. Bring your water and come prepared to sweat! Bikes are available on a first come first serve basis.


$5 Hot Vinyasa: Always Sunday night at 7:15pm in East Lansing and Okemos! Hot Vinyasa flowing yoga class, linking breath and postures. Teacher varies weekly. This class costs $5, or you may use your unlimited package.

Warming Up to Yoga: This class is a Vinyasa style class geared toward beginners. The room is cooler than a normal Hot Vinyasa class, but it is still warm to help relax the muscles. Poses are described in great detail in addition to the teacher doing the poses at the front of the room for the first part of class. For the second half of the class, the teacher will move around the room verbally instructing and giving hands-on adjustments to get students more properly aligned. Unlike most other classes, students will not be "set free" to flow on their own; the teacher will verbally and physically guide the students through the entire class. The class will overall move at a slower pace, but don't think this means you won't sweat! This is also a great class for intermediate/advanced yogis as well to come back to fundamental breath and alignment.

Light Vinyasa: This class is designed for those looking for a non-heated, simplified Vinyasa practice. There will be three main yoga flows, all with easy-to-follow transitions through the poses. Just because the flows will be more basic in nature, it does not mean this class will be easy! Simple challenge is the name of the game in this class. This class provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for all students to explore and learn the vast benefits of yoga.

Hot Vinyasa: An energetic and sometimes vigorous style of yoga that flows with breath and movement to build heat from within. The teacher walks the class through the flow together a few times, then each student moves at his or her own pace. From the first yoga class to the development of a daily practice, this class is meant to serve all students. This class is typically accompanied by a variety of more up beat music.

YS Signature: This Hot Vinyasa Yoga class is what is most commonly referred to as a "Jen Class." Come to this class prepared to work hard and sweat...a lot. Here is what you can expect at a YS Signature class: Creative and lengthy Vinyasa flows, original and purposeful transitions, careful detail to posture alignment, mental, physical and emotional challenge, and AMAZING breath and energy circulating throughout the room. Get ready to love yourself and how you feel at the end of this class.

Candlelight Hot Vinyasa:  A Hot Vinyasa class set by candlelight. This class is a therapeutic series of yoga flows that link breathe with movement. The teacher will guide the class through a series of postures before letting the student flow at their own pace. The flows are created to provide a workout while presenting opportunities to reduce stress and calm the mind. There will be sweat, there will be music (some music will be explicit), and every class is customized to the students. 

Disclaimer: Music will be Explicit at times.

Power Flow: Power Flow is a Hot Vinyasa Yoga class that is designed for intermediate to advanced yogis. Students taking this class are expected to be familiar with basic posture names and alignment. It is a quick-paced class with fluid and creative flows. This class is an intense physical challenge that will not only strengthen and tone your body, but strengthen you emotionally as you release stress and tension you have been unknowingly holding onto.

Fire and Ice Hot Yoga:Please set your mat up against the wall when you come to this class. This is a Hot Vinyasa class with an extended period of stretching at the end. The first 45 minutes are an intense physical work out with two main yoga flows. We will also use the wall to practice inversions. Expect lots of focused attention on core work and quicker movements to build internal heat. After the fire is built, we will let it simmer and cool down by doing long holds in restorative postures for the last 30 minutes. Holding stretches for 3-5 minutes each will get deep into the connective tissues and allow the body to physically and emotionally release stress. After savasana, you will be completely ready for an amazing night's sleep.

Slow Fire: A Hot Vinyasa Yoga class slowed down. By doing longer holds in postures, slow and controlled transitions, more time is available to really tune into breath and tap into self-discipline. Long holds take you past the point of being comfortable and demand that you be completely present. This space outside of your comfort zone is where true strength--mental, physical, and emotional-- is developed. Yoga Nidra will follow, lasting approximately 15 minutes after the Vinyasa class. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation exploring the state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. Yoga Nidra is very beneficial for a wide variety of emotional and physical problems including stress, anxiety, fibromayalgia, as well as eliminating unwanted thought patterns and behaviors. This is a very deep, relaxing practice.

Morning Yoga Practice:  This early morning "not so hot" yoga class is structured with an extended period of warm-up postures followed by two sequences that is followed by and extended period of restorative poses.  During this class much oratory is focused on expanding the understanding of the Yamas and Nyamas (Yoga's moral code of conduct.)  As we establish ourselves in the principals of Yoga early in the day, we allow it to guide us through the rest of our day.

Rise & Shine:  Surya Namaskara is the traditional practice of honoring the rising of the sun.  Start your day with a 60-minute teacher led flow which will include pranayama (breathing), variations of Surya Namaskara and a sequences of postures to help prepare your mind and body for the day ahead.  All levels and abilities welcome; set your alarm and come start your day off at Yoga State.

Soul Sweat:  This is an all levels hot vinyasa yoga class with a set intention of letting go. Letting go of your stress from the work day, releasing your worries from day-to-day life, and giving your mind a break from all of the anxiety and over-thinking. Come prepared to move quickly, find creativity and expression through flowing to loud music. There will be 3 active yoga flows, and after flowing we will find a silent seated meditation refocusing on our intention of letting go. Finding this stillness is so beneficial in helping our minds relax in this fast-paced society. Following mediation is a series of stretches to softer music, and class will always end with savasana.  

Foundation Vinyasa:  This all-level class is designed to deepen your yoga practice.  A hot Vinyasa style class set to a slower tempo to give your body time to feel each pose and movement.  The detailed description of each posture focuses on alignment, muscle movement and transition.  With mindful transitions we build a solid foundation for your flow.  A mind and body connected moving meditation.  Thoughtful flows and positive energy deeply rooted in movement.

 Variations on Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series w/10 min Meditation: This gently heated class explores the Ashtanga Primary Series .Selecting a few Standing Asanas and then a few Seated and Finishing Asanas following Sun A and Sun B.  As much as allows within 50 minutes. Followed by 10 minute meditation.

Vin & Yin:  This is a vinyasa style class.  There will be three flows that the teacher will verbally guide you through the entire time.  Unlike other classes this class is geared toward those who would prefer not to be "set free" or flow on your own.  The last thirty minutes is dedicated to yin.  This means spending longer periods of time holding restorative postures.  Come and enjoy the yin and yang balance in your practice.  The perfect way to end a day and sleep amazing so you are ready for the next.