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Why SUP?

SUP gets you active outdoors and has a magical way of drawing you into the present moment to forget about all of your daily stresses. Whether you're paddling around listening to the birds and watching the sunset, or taking a full on yoga class out on the water, SUP is the thing to do this summer. Practice balance, focus, strength and flexibility while feeling the sunshine and hanging out with cool people.


What is SUP?

Stand Up Paddle board Yoga (SUP) is yoga on a yoga specific floating board anchored to the lake. Our boards are softer than regular stand up paddle boards, with the same sturdy structure to protect you. Our instructors help you learn to engage your core in a way that allows you to access control over your board so that you can experience yoga asanas (poses) in a whole new way! Class descriptions at the bottom of page.


Do I need my own board?

You can rent a board from us or bring your own. Yoga State sells paddle boards under retail prices as well. Call or email YS for details.

Is experience necessary? Will it be hard?

No, you can be brand new to both yoga and SUP. We will teach you the basics of paddling and form a yoga practice that has multiple challenges for all levels. If you are experienced we also have multiple layers to keep you growing.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

You can sign up for a drop in, session, or private/group classes that you can help create. It is required to purchase your class and sign up online ahead of time if you will be reserving a board since they are limited.  (See pricing that includes board rental).

What if the cancellation policy?

For morning classes cancel before 9 pm the night before, for evening classes by 9 am that day. This allows time for others to sign up and to be added from the wait list. You will be charged for late cancels or no-shows. Use the YS App for quick sign up, simple cancel and get special offers. Thank you for your consideration! You may be charged a fee if you cancel after the required time period. (the teacher transports and prepares the board that does take time and effort. Thank you for understanding).

Where are the classes?

Classes will be held at Crego Park 1600 Fidelity Road  Lansing. See map below. Or if you have a private class you can choose location.


Open Paddle and Play

This instructional class begins by teaching you the foundation of paddling on the shore. We detail out the different paddle strokes to keep you controlled and confident when you take your new skills to the water. If you have paddled before you can begin with a refresher or head out on the water to begin our open paddle session with one of our instructors. This format complements all levels of paddlers. Once all paddlers are on the water, we will paddle together for a bit and then the second half of the class will be a yoga play! During the yoga play we will explore different postures on the board, how they differ on the water versus land, and just enjoy exploring yoga on the water. This class is fun and the format gives our student an opportunity to ask questions, feel comfortable on the board and take your paddling or yoga to the next level. All level yogis and paddlers welcome. 

SUP Progressive Series

This class is designed for all level of paddlers and yogis. This class is longer than our other SUP classes and is intended to be taken as a full session as opposed to drop-in, as each class will build on the previous one. The first class is deeply rooted in the foundation of both paddling technique and yoga skills. Subsequent classes will then build from this foundation as you dive deeper into more advanced paddling. The yoga follows the same flow with every practice becoming more detailed with challenge of both breath and movement. All classes end with a relaxing float in savasana.  After class is an open session for questions and trying new poses. 

Sunrise SUP Saturday

This class awakens you with a brisk morning paddle as the sun warms your body, mind and soul. Once you have finished your paddle, you anchor out on the boards for the yoga. Class begins with deep breath work that flows into a slow stretch to restore and rejuvenate. You will then challenge your body with a strong standing sequence.  Class ends with finishing stretches to preparing the body for rest.  As you relax into a meditative float, you will become connected to nature and find a deep peace within your savasana. Listen to the sounds of nature that surround you, feel the waves eb and flow beneath you and just let go.