Try us out for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga and spinning classes for only $20, both studios.

You can totally do this now!  Feeling a bit overwhelmed is normal, but not necessary.  You don't have to be flexible or "in shape" first.  You will get stronger, and improve your range of motion by attending your first yoga or spin class.  You can start today and tomorrow you will feel even better!  Get hydrated and Do it now! For Spinning, we teach you how to adjust your bike and guide you the entire ride!

How? Click here to Sign up for the 2/$20 for new to YS.  You click on the top right to "create an account" and fill out your personal information. Then you can use our online store to buy the 2/$20 package and sign up for your first class! I recommend downloading the Yoga State App to easily sign up, get special pricing deals, see schedule changes, etc.  After you start we will send you an email for a special offer to continue to come regularly. (30 days for $69 or your first month of Auto Renew for $49). You can always drop in for a single class, or buy a package.  Full package list here.

What to bring/wear to yoga class:  Water bottle, yoga mat,  (we rent mats for $2 and sell them too), sweat towel.  Wear comfortable shorts/leggings, and a shirt or tank/sports bra that won't fall over your face and blind you when you bend over.   Please leave your phone and other valuables in the front room area by the couches where we can lock it up for you.  Please do not bring your phone into class. Please bring a towel to wipe up your sweat too, much appreciated.

What to expect for Yoga:  This is a Yoga Practice; you are perfect starting where you are.  Our yoga room is dimly lit, you are not on display.  We don't have mirrors.  Our teachers are very well trained, verbally cue, walk around while teaching to adjust to be sure you are in a safe position and will quietly help if you get confused.  Most of our classes have fun upbeat music.  This is a very safe and private environment with the unique feeling of being part of something empowering.  We teach you the physical poses and alignment, but we also teach you how to release  stress and anxiety, then build with tools to cope with any situation leading to a happier and well balanced life.   Our creative teachers will build a flow (series of poses) specific for what the room needs in order to challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally while teaching you the skills to meet these challenges, leaving you feeling strong and capable.  Just keep breathing.  (that's the secret).

What to bring/wear to spin class: Water bottle, sweat towel. Wear comfortable athletic clothing, tennis shoes or our bikes have clip-in peddles.  Please wear separate shoe and take them off at the front door and put on your spinning shoes once you are at your bike.  The salt and wet from the winter months destroy the bikes and our really cool floors over time.

What to expect for Spin:   You will smile and have such a great time as you build endurance and get your cardio in.  Our teacher will help you adjust your bike seat and handlebars, show you the tension adjustments and answer any questions you may have.  Our Spinner bikes have pedals with clips if you have special shoes, but also have cages so you can wear any comfortable running/tennis shoe.  Yoga State has some of the best cycling teachers around, they are highly skilled, inspirational and fun.  They will bring you an assortment of inspiring and ever changing play list to grove to while you get your burn on.  Our cycling room has a great feel to it and enhances your ride with our awesome sound system, dim fun lights, and plenty of fans.  

Our classes are all level .  We do have some yoga classes that are a bit slower paced with more attention to details if you are just starting you might like: "warming up to yoga" or "Mindful & Moderate", also "Yoga 101 Workshop" when available.  But you can attend any hot vinyasa as well, even if you are new to yoga.   Every one of our classes should challenge you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually (if it's hard then you are doing it right).  Every class will provide a safe environment for you to express your true self. Every class should take you to your edge--the place where real growth happens. Full list of classes here

There is no such thing as the "right" body. but now is the right time!

Featuring former MSU football student athlete, David Barrent, and studio owner/teacher, Jen Hayes.