Yoga State proudly offers STand UP paddle board yoga and open paddle!

thursday SUP

We offer several different ways to attend.  We will be holding classes again in early spring.  You can rent a board or bring your own.  You can sign up for a drop in, or private/group classes that you can help create.  It is required to purchase your class and sign up online ahead of time if you will be reserving a board since they are limited.  (See pricing that includes board rental).  Classes will be held at Crego Park.  Interested in purchasing your own Stand Up Paddle Board? We sell them at a GREAT price!.  The blow up boards are so easy to transport, blow up and use.  They are very strong and durable.  Call or email YS for details.  

what if i fall?!

Well, lucky for you we have yoga-specific SUP boards. This means you won't be falling onto a hard plastic board, but rather onto a softer, yoga mat-like board. Even though these boards are softer to the touch, don't worry they are still extremely sturdy and supportive. But as far as falling goes, falling into the water is the best option. Nothing like a quick cool off from the hot summer sun!


SUP gets you active outdoors and has a magical way of drawing you into the present moment to forget about all of your daily stresses. Whether you're paddling around listening to the birds and watching the sunset, or taking a full on yoga class out on the water, SUP is the thing to do this summer. Practice balance, focus, strength and flexibility while feeling the sunshine and hanging out with cool people.  So what are you waiting for? Go on and reserve a private group class for you and your friends!


right off Mount hope, just west of 496!